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Welcome to Ionia Sports, your trusted wholesale distributor of premium quality leather harnesses for men. We have the best products for retailers, wholesalers, and other businesses that are in search of high-quality harness products. We sell all our products in bulk quantities at wholesale rates.


Our men’s harness is made with premium quality leather sourced from all over Pakistan. The leather we use is the purest and of high quality and we can make sure that it matches international standards.


We know how special it is to have a unique and custom product! With our customization options, you can ask for specific designs or we can work together on exclusive ones just for your brand to include your logo in the product or other specific needs.

  1. Custom Branding
  2. Collaborative Design
  3. Multiple customizations

Why Choose Ionia Sports?

When it comes to sourcing custom leather harnesses for men in bulk, Ionia Sports is the name to trust. Here’s why partnering with us is a smart choice for your business:

  1. Premium Quality
  2. Extensive Collection
  3. Bulk Ordering
  4. Competitive Wholesale Pricing
  5. Reliable Supply

We provide a great experience for businesses that are in search of exceptional products. Contact us now to discuss your wholesale needs and place your order.